Who We Are

Bytown Bites is an Ottawa Food Blog / Ottawa Restaurant Guide that was started in the spring of 2016 to highlight the diverse offerings of a city in the midst of a culinary revolution. The site was created and is maintained by Shawn and Nathalie, two individuals who love supporting Ottawan cuisine in all its forms. Despite Ottawa’s reputation as a sleepy government town (with Wine Rack as one of our highlights), we feel like there’s a lot out there to discover. We hope that Bytown Bites can guide you all to something new and delicious. This is what we look like:


We only post places we like and no post has been paid for. Photos that are not are own are taken from social media accounts of the respective restaurants. We try to manually stay on top of changes in hours and menu options. We may fall behind though as it’s a lot to keep track of! If you notice anything that needs changing, please let us know: info@bytownbites.ca.