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Top 10 Late Night Eats in Ottawa

(As featured on Apt613.)

So you’ve hit the town (or the books) and you’re hungry for some late night eats. Don’t fret, we’ve got ten places in Ottawa that’ll serve you up something delicious, no intoxication required.

Union 613 (Wednesday to Saturday – 2 am)

Nights at @613union613, with punches and summer #cocktails.

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Union 613 has a tasty late night menu, complete with chicken wing specials (including surprises like peanut butter and jelly flavour or fish sauce (our personal favourite)) and drink deals.

The Fry (Sunday to Thursday – 12 am / Friday and Saturday – 2 am)

Korean Fried Chicken under a flatscreen television playing K-POP videos, it certainly doesn’t feel like you’re on Elgin Street.

El Camino (Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday- 12 am / Thursday to Saturday – 2 am)

Full on a Tuesday for good reason, @eatelcamino never disappoints! 🙏 #mexicanfood

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The best tacos in town (and betel leaves, and churros) are served up late from both indoors and their takeout window.

The King Eddy (Monday 1 am, Tuesday 1 am, Wednesday 12 am, open 24 hours Thursday to Sunday)

feels nice to have a real burger again #thekingeddy #kelovesall

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There are a few late night diners that could be listed here but we prefer King Eddy’s for their quality eats, like their King Eddy Burger and the Northern Fried Chicken and Waffles. They’ve recently started to stay open for 24 hours on weekends and is our go-to in the Byward Market.

The Manx (late night menu usually ends around 12:30)

We love the Manx’s cozy vibes and their food is deceptively good. Their late night menu is typically served up until 12-12:30, but we’d stick around longer to enjoy a few beers.

New Pho Bo Ga La (Monday-Friday 2 am / Saturday-Sunday 4 am)

Rainy day meals in #Chinatown

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Fragrant, flavourful broths and sodium are a time-tested way to prevent hangovers. We prefer our fix from New Pho Bo Ga La.

Kettleman’s (open 24 hours)

#Kettlemans famous chopped liver, always with the onions @bagelottawa

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Montreal-style bagels with all sorts of fixins, they’re open 24 hours and cannot be beat for 4 am eats near Lansdowne.

Two Six Ate (open until 2 am every night except Tuesday)

Tasty share plates that are somehow still available all the way until 2 am.

Shawarma Palace (Sunday-Wednesday 1 am / Thursday 2 am / Friday-Saturday 3 am)

A feast fit for a queen (and an entire royal family) at #shawarmapalace.

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Ottawa is Canada’s destination for Shawarma, so there’s really no better way to complete your night. Shawarma Palace is open late, serving up their famous shawarma with next level garlic sauce.

Shawarma King (Monday-Wednesday 2 am / Sunday and Thursday 3 am / Friday-Saturday 4 am)

We are ready for you OTTAWA! #Shawarmasking

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When you’re out in Centretown and you wander by Shawarma King late at night, you’ll be sure to see a line of characters. Tasty shawarma served up late, get the garlic potatoes if you’re not going to be talking in someone’s close proximity for the next 16-24 hours.

Honorary mentions: Elgin Street Diner, Pho Bo Ga 2

Best Of

Top 10 Brunches in Ottawa

So it’s Sunday morning and you’re in the mood for some variety. Your stomach may be grumbling for a variety of reasons but let the anxiety of indecision not be one of them by simply choosing from one of our favourites.

Bytown Bites Top 10 Brunches in Ottawa.

  1. Edgar
    A cozy brunch haven in Gatineau. Folks flock here for indulgences like their famous “dutch baby” with maple syrup, sharp cheddar and pork belly ($14).
  2. Benny’s Bistro
    Tucked in the back of the French Baker, Benny’s Bistro is consistent and full of brunch surprises like their confit albacore tuna loin ($19). Breakfast (with a smaller menu) available on weekdays.
  3. The Manx
    Affordable and delicious, The Manx offers up a variety of brunch, bruncher and bruncherer options. Our favourite is “The Soho” which consists of two eggs, cowboy beans, braised mushrooms and hashbrowns ($10.50)
  4. Fraser Cafe
    Upscale surroundings and brunch options that will take your around the world including the Huevos Rancheros ($13.50) and Okonomiyaki ($14.50).
  5. Union 613
    Soul food brunch, their fried chicken and waffle sandwich (with poached eggs, pickled green tomatoes and spicy maple syrup) is a sight to behold ($15)
  6. Les Vilains Garcons
    An adventurous menu that always changes, with options typically around $15. A great change of pace for brunch.
  7. Art-Is-In Bakery
    Despite its large warehouse setting, the lines for brunch never seem to dissipate. And for good reason. Their famous fried pickle melt ($8.95) is a must.
  8. Wilf & Ada’s
    A scratch diner that does the basics and more. “Eggs in Purgatory” ($13.50) features eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce that will set your brunch on fire (in a good way). Full menu available on weekdays.
  9. Brother’s Beer Bistro
    More than just beer, their brunch features many items made in-house, including a 36-hour sous vide porchetta served with eggs ($15)
  10. Mariposa Farms
    Literal farm to table. If you are looking for an adventure, drive out to Mariposa Farms and try their $45 3-course “Sunday Lunch”. Ingredients like duck confit and foie gras can’t get any fresher.